A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Happy New Year and holidays to all, may it be a great 2018!

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Happy Halloween

I can’t believe another month has come and gone. A lot has happened in the month I missed posting, the office is completed, the grocery store across the street has expanded and opened its new dining area and a new restaurant has opened with street (sidewalk) seating.

Yet for all that has changed, little has (in my humble opinion) improved and so much seems to have remained the same, lost the character it once held or reached a point where people are so desperate to create or capture character or prove things are improving that they are sting to force things to exist.

One such example is my office Halloween party. In past years it has always been something people have either wanted to volunteer for or not and something that has happened but this year, they are going all out and given the changes that have happened in the office and the whispers of discontent, it feels a little bit forced, at least to me.

I am not alone in thinking this either. So many of the ‘old guard’, which right now amounts to those here for more than 3 years, are seeing it. A friend I have working in the library commented on how forced everything seems, how few people seem to be actually having fun and how many are trying to convince themselves to have fun. I admit that might mean people do have fun, but at the same time it all seems so forced.

For years, Halloween was an event this company celebrate, costumes were allowed, skits were done at times, but it wasn’t an all-out event. They would have some candy and people would have a bit of fun at a small hour or so luncheon party, but prior to the party work was being done and after the party work was done.

This year the budget is huge and they are going all out for the event. I arrived at 8:00 am and hardly have been able to get any work done, which is why I am updating this blog now rather than later tonight. People are obviously trying to distract themselves and I think (and also agree with some of the ‘old guard’, many of whom are finding reasons not to patriciate such as meetings, doctor’s appointments, kids having awards at school, etc.) that this is just what the administration desires. They want the people to distract themselves and see if they can’t boast morale.

However, much like my friend from the library, I also think this will not last. It is at best a temporary boost that will likely not last beyond today. In the end of the day, it will not make people feel safer in their job, will not make people feel more important or cared for and will not overcome so much that was lost such as petty time, a feeling of safety and security and a belief that the company actually cares enough to make a good show of pretending to care.

If anything, the company pushing everything into this Halloween party, like their giving the company the last week in December off, is nice and unquestionably generous given the budget that is going into this party, but also a sign that they realize they have lost people’s faith and morale is plummeting from actions they have taken and things they have changed.

Actually, the idea that change, well meaning or not, and the question as to if people even understand that all changes will have outcomes they might realize or like, is a thought that has been going through my head for some time.

I hope focus more on that in November, as there continues to be so much changing, so much lost and yet both a confused look on people when things change in a way they could not (but a newborn likely could) foresee as they then attempt to a forced a situation where people will laugh and have fun.

Ah well, hopefully my feline family will have fun, I understand someone has brought in pet friendly treats for the poor furry family members who cannot go out trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween everyone.


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My Feline Family and Sleep


The soup was in my way, so I moved it for you.

My feline family appears to have mastered the ever increasingly important concept of sleep. For them, no location which can offer the utmost in comfort or privacy is too hard to reach or too restricted. Not even a cabinet door stop them from finding the perfectly safe and nearly private location wherein to doze and slumber. Finding a place to slumber where one can stretch out and feel so instantly at ease, is truly an ability to be admired and envied.


If only it were that easy for me to find places to slumber during the day. When younger I would have scoffed at the idea of needing naps during daylight hours, but now as I find more demands on my time and less ability to accomplish takes during the week to free the weekends, I think nap times should be a built in standard right in all work contracts. Oh, not in a way they extend the workday, but the a worker’s right the same as those found in (within the United States at least) FLMA, OSHA and other EEOC rights. Well, I can dream at least right?

Actually, dreaming would be a wonderful thing to do more of each day, actually REM sleep dreaming. Everyday there are new reports of the importance of sleep (along with exercise), in helping to fight and prevent disease, in most likely helping to prevent, delay or reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s, to build up the immune system and so many other benefits that I feel worry at averaging about five and a half hours of sleep each night.

Aside from the longer ranging impacts, more immediate ones are how I suddenly find myself in need of caffeine. Truthfully, I am not a coffee drinker and someone that much prefers tea, but have recently found myself driving several cups of coffee each morning to help stay awake.


Don’t mind me, I just claimed this sofa arm as mine.

I am also finding that by Friday,  things which don’t annoy, worry or even seem to be worthy of major amounts of my attention on Monday, have become major nuisances and such a needless level of concern that they take on almost paranoid levels of focus. This too is a recent development and one I clearly saw when I had a few days of vacation and was not in a paranoid worry about anything that might or might not be going on at work once, versus fearing conversations just going on outside my earshot during the regular work week. Then again, as written before, the current atmosphere in the office is one that permits a bit of justified paranoia.


Well, be it what it is, I am trying my own tricks to get more sleep and rest, to complete more on the weekend even though my time to actually try them is lessening as a one time hour commute is now taking two plus hours, and what were quick 10 minute stops during the week to free up time on the weekend are now  20 minutes stops at their shortest time period. These are just stops for food that is called ahead for and stops at places like grocery stores. proving near impossible.  would love to have my feline family’s innate ability to not only locate a great sleeping spot with seeming so much ease, but to find myself able to doze as they do in those spots. Ah well, perhaps this weekend or next week I will find a way to get enough sleep.


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Continuing job search and new outdoor feline friends

Recently, things at work have continued to be in flux, the commute is starting to feel neverending and all leading to an ever increasing thought to look outwards. This however is difficult, as I am lucky to have reached a point where my pay level and benefits are nearly impossible, so far at least, to better or match. That makes it hard to leave and even know where to start a search, a often mentioned problem, as a lot of what I see online is much less hourly, rather than salary, or temp to perm, which in my past experiences usually only ever means temp.

Oh, to be fair if I wanted a sales job or was seeking an offer to work with an insurance company in a “benefits” role,  (despite not being licensed to sell insurance), I have endless offers. I seemingly have already passed the essential requirements (based on the number of offers for those roles that I’ve received) for them in that I am breathing and put my resume on the internet. Now if I can find out how to get real responses of inteest for full time permenant jobs or a way to make real money working from home.

Well, at least in the midst if so much uncertainty at work, in the job search and increasing weariness, there is some exciting news at home which brings a smile to my face.

Several of my outdoor feline friends seem not only to have had kittens, but based on the size of the kittens, those new kittens seem to have joined the larger feline outdoor family.  I will try to get pictures of all of them, one white, one black and one that vaguely looks Siamese, soon but so far have been lucky enough to sneak a few pictures of the father and white kitten through a back window.

I will continue to watch over the kittens as I have their family by providing outdoor food and water and know, as they have been doing, my feline family will smile, laugh and watchover the outdoor feline family’s playful antics. Right now that is a great means, for me,  to escape the increasing worries and fear at work and the disappointment of job searchs.


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The end of June

As this month ends there are many changes which have occurred within my office and the area where I work. A second phase in the construction has been completed, more trees are coming down, great big old trees to be replaced with smaller trees, albeit in greater numbers, that instead of being in classic brick ‘planters’ with bushes are now alone in city style metal grates.

The morale continues to plummet, people are talking daily about how many friends and others have left since layoffs last year, and asking how does removing benefits such as closure for inclement weather, loss of petty time and a decrease in pre-holiday early office closures (work permitting) helps boost morale.

Simple answer is that it doesn’t and honestly the new office space where the executives are now isolated in their own offices, all being significantly larger then they were before the move to the newly renovated space, and the workers are in smaller cubicles that are spaced so to speak to someone in a far cubicle, a person must pass and walk behind at least six other people.

This is a major change from the larger more private cubicles (about 60 sq. ft. at times rather than the new average 48 sq. ft.). that once existed. I cannot deny it is new and more open with a lot of light and windows on all offices and conference rooms. That having been said, I also can’t deny that there is almost no privacy outside of the executive offices and one conference room that could feel claustrophobic if filled with enough people.

In all, and to be completely honest, the new space far more reminds me of a call center than the bright open airy vibrant 21st century office promised and billed it would be when finished. Perhaps some of you are fortunate enough, or rather perhaps unfortunate enough, to know what I mean by saying it has a cell center feel.

There is also a difference in how the management is treating the new office space. Yes it is new and their wanting to protect it is understandable, but they are on edge about everything and perhaps they have gone to far with everything being standardized.

While people can still put some personal items in their cubicle, a lot of the uniqueness has been removed. Fewer plants allowed, no personal chairs or bookcases, personal items are restricted to inside, not even the glass inside, the cubicle. It is a very sad change to see, variety and uniqueness is truly, to use the cliché, the spice of life.

This attempt to destroy, or at least limit, uniqueness is taking a page out of both schools and corporate America’s book and another obvious sign that while those in power say they have the bolstering of sagging morale forefront in their minds, they really have no clue.

Oddly, after the new space opened and part of the old space fell under construction as the last phase of work, everyone seems far more on edge. A small group is keeping the rather morbid count of how many people are leaving the company and since the layoffs late last year it is up to about a third of the company.

Another group is, also rather sadly, looking at a certain company review website and noting how many bad reviews were recently posted. They also are noting something everyone in the company has noticed, the less than subtle manner in which the administration is trying to get ‘good reviews’ posted. While not out rightly saying employees should post a good review, it has been, “suggested” that if people feel like posting a review to show how much they love working here, to please feel free to do so, even during their workday.

To the executives credit, or perhaps discredit, they are succeeding… at least to a point. Yet their success cannot be said to be anything other than sad when even the ‘best’ of the new ‘good’ reviews are more or less along the lines of “Eh, it ain’t a bad place to work’.

Through this all I am again wondering what happened to people actually looking at the big picture, at what is more important to success of individuals and companies, and oddly what happened to peoples’ ability to laugh, the greatest defense against low morale and dark times.

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My Feline Family and Innocence


This innocent look proves I didn’t just eat the treat you think was on this plate.

It is possible I have written about this before, but continual recent world events have left me truly envious of my feline family’s sense of seemingly eternal innocence. Actually, I am envious of not just my own furry feline family’s seeming eternal innocence, but that of well-loved furry, scaly, and feathery family members.


Any time an event such as the recent tragedy at Manchester occurs, along with a great feeling of sadness for those lost and for the families and friends that lost loved ones, I admit to also feeling what might be a sort of selfish feeling, an increasing desire to gain back lost innocence.

It would be easy to say it is a desire to regain the innocence of childhood, but it is perhaps an innocence that never truly existed in this world.

Growing up, I was lucky enough to live in a world where everything seemed safe and secure. Sure it was the tail end of the Cold War and movies still portrayed a Soviet threat to the point a paranoid person might except to see the “Red Army” marching down a street in rural Kansas, but it was also an era where overall there was a lot less fear, an era where my friends and I biked on our own to playgrounds and ball fields, played late at night and the only concern our parents at least voiced was that we make it back in time for dinner.

Keep in mind, these were the days when kids couldn’t be tracked by an app, an era payphones were still around, payphones that my friends checked and competed against each other to see who could get the most change people forgot from coin return slots. Parent’s couldn’t buzz their kids if they were late, cell phones were in their early days and those that existed were bulky and not something bought for kids to carry with them.

Yet, our parents let us roam freely and always trusted we could not only take care of ourselves, but would come home, perhaps with a few more scrapes and burses but still always come home. It was far from a safe world even then, but at least on the surface everything seemed safer and parents seemed more trusting of their own children and less fearful of what may happen to them if left alone or out of their sight for more than 2 nanoseconds.

Such a contrast to today where parents are chastised and child services is called if a parent lets their child walk two blocks or more to school on their own and a world where, at least as portrayed on HGTV shows, parents as so paranoid about their child’s safety, that the parents must have constant surveillance over their children to the point the children (even if they are in their early teens) must be watchable by the parent washing dishes in the kitchen, even if only playing in the living room.

There were solo summer trips to my grandparents, which always started with their meeting me at the airplane arrival gate. Yes, they actually met me right at the arrival gate, not in a group arrivals area but actually at the gate. There was no gate agent that met me to escort me as an unaccompanied minor to the arrivals area and checked my grandparents identification before I left with them, my grandparents merely met me right as I got off the plane.

About as far back as I can remember, there are memories of attending many Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Eagles games growing up and as I got older spending time in shopping malls, in movie theaters both inside of shopping malls and the ‘large 5 screen’ standalone theaters outside of malls with friends when were as young as early to mid teens.

During all these times and events, I never once remember being afraid of anything more than what my parents and schools had drilled into all kids, ‘stranger danger’, which was more focused on not following someone that promised candy or was looking for a lost pet, etc. than it was about anything else. Even at that there wasn’t really a sense of fear, more a sense of caution around strangers…

Yet, in the world today such feelings of safety, such feelings of innocence of the world around, that being able to acknowledge there could be danger, while not actually being worried that anything will happen, almost seems a luxury.

This is the innocence that I long to reclaim. The feeling that I can walk into a movie theater and not have to watch everyone else that comes in case they do something suspicious; having the ability to go to a sporting event and not fear something happening inside or outside the stadium or arena, the ability to go to a mall or merely walk outside in the city or anywhere and not be tiring myself not from the walk, but from watching and reacting to every sound or shadow.

It is not that I live in constant fear now, but I admit to becoming far more cautious in the world and at least hesitating before doing certain things such as buying tickets to a sporting event or movie theater, going to a mall, walking long distances alone or being in crowded areas.

I also think, when looking at some of reactions people have to this brave new world, such as the parents that never let their children out of their sight, things are going far too Big Brother-ish as extreme paranoid is taking hold.

Caution is always justified but increasingly I am seeing people start to sacrifice far more than they should for something that, tragically recent events have shown, no one can ever truly provide, no matter what is promised.

Again, there is nothing wrong with having a healthy skepticism and caution in the world, especially as things now stand, but when that skepticism and caution becomes paranoia, which it can far too easily, such paranoia has people reacting without thinking carefully about things.

That is when things are pushed too far and people give up far too much until they have lost something that can never be reclaimed, at least not easily. In extreme circumstances it is even possible that they people end up crying for safety so much they lose their freedom and create a police state.

That too is a part of the innocence I want back. Not only the ability not to think twice about doing things, but not fearing what is happening as people seek a safety that has never existed in this world, and ruing what they are giving up, privacy and freedom, in order to seek even a false sense of safety.

Perhaps it is true that only very fortunate furry, scaly and feathery family members are ever able to maintain such innocence, which in and of itself is unique since they routinely have vet visits where someone sticks a thermometer in what must be a very uncomfortable place.

Yet, I wonder if there isn’t a way for people to also recover that innocence and if even for just a few moments not be afraid, to see the world without worry or fear and then make decision on how to combat that which scares them… though sadly, one of the best means of fighting fear is slowly being taken from people, laughter, a chance for people to laugh at themselves, each other and the world at large but this is perhaps a topic for another time.

In the meantime, I look with a slight envy at the feline family near me who is busy jockeying for the best position in front of the small portable fan I set up recently in this room. Ah well, may they at least never lose their innocence or sense of humor.

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Vignettes and Current Life

Watching my feline family and how they move from location to location seemingly at random, lead me to the random thought that life is but a series of small vignettes. Playing with friends, going to school for the first time, middle school, high school, college, first job, first crush, first kiss, friends that are found and lost, etc. are all small moments in life that at the time are ones we believe will last forever.

As we live life and even as we look back, it is clear that some of these vignettes cross and overlap, some are separate and the distance between them can be jarring when looking back, yet what they all have in common is that they make up a large part of  who we become and who we are as people.

As these moments in time, these vignettes seem a lifetime when they are occurring, there is often a myopic focus only on that particular moment even when looking back, though this becomes stronger as we age and gain more knowledge and experience. The younger we are, the less of life has been lived and the less vignettes and awareness of them.

Yet as we age, we reach the point where within the first few moments of a situation it is possible to have a feeling of  familiarity with a situation, feel a nagging thought as if this has happened or that even if it is slightly different, the outcome is predictable. Moments where thoughts such as “Ignorance is bliss where knowledge is a curse, for even those that have learned from the past are sometimes doomed to repeat it.” come readily to mind.

Oddly, and perhaps it is a bit sad, but at least insofar as I have noticed, the vignettes truly only come to mind in two situations, when any change happens, such as a new better paying job, marriage, a favorite restaurant closes, loss of a friend, a family member names you a godparent, a hobby becomes impossible because of cost, etc. and when there is uncertainty about the present and fear of the future.

These feelings, both positive and negative trigger a look to the past and both a wondering ‘what if’, perhaps remembering a past that never occurred and a future that never was, times that might have been sad but also times that looking back seemed so much better than the present.

Perhaps in a world where people fear the future, live uncertain of the present and desire the past, one that is increasingly coming into existence, more people are looking back and this, in part, explains throwbacks to the 1980’s, remakes of movies and people clinging to a time when, at least as much as it ever has, the world made sense.

On a much more microscopic level, I see numerous examples every day within my work life and private life of people longing for a past that might never have been and desiring a future that never was and likely never will be.

I see it in family remembering their childhood as they raise their children and even in silly things, such as friends increasingly showing great excitement in a show soon to have a Blu-ray release, one we all remember seeing almost 20 years ago on television, the Japanese anime Big O. 

That in turn triggered discussions and talks about how Cartoon Network’s Toonami block back in the early to mid 2000’s, was awesome with shows such as Cowboy Bebop, Big O and even Case Closed; a time when what they brought over was more edgy and even the more ‘kid side’ of Cartoon Network was still going for more daring and original shows such as the original Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

As we talked it felt odd to me that the release of any show that is almost 20 years old can bring fond memories of ‘those days’, times when even seniors in high school and college freshmen and sophomores, a least looking back, saw life as so much simpler and how whatever fears now exist, weren’t even considered to be possible.

Outside of my private life, there is my work life and while I am sure my workplace is not unique in this, increasingly within my workplace, people are increasingly frightened and scared, and sharing snippets of times they remember in the past, even the past of 2 or 3 years ago.

Though thinking about it, it makes sense, for within that passage of years, there have been a lot of good people let go or simply choose to leave, changes made that make no sense, an attempt to destroy the existing office culture and replace it with another as if it can be done with a snap of the fingers, so many changes and so much lost that it is little wonder people are remembering ‘the good old days’ of even two years ago.

Thus, there are quiet whispers of what has been lost, the annual employee appreciation picnic, holiday gatherings for the unit, a chance to actually meet the Board of Directors, paid classes for employees to better themselves in their job, a Human Resources department that seemed to be working with employees not against them and within the discussion of what has been lost, shared stories of employees long gone from the company, and of people whose actions were, though they themselves were sadly not at the time, greatly appreciated.

This has left me thinking back over a very brief, perhaps one year, moment within the company and all that has changed and how despite there being many small moments, they are truly all interlinked.

The first though that comes to mind is of the former CFO and how things were so much nicer with him as, in my opinion, the de facto leader of the company.

He was someone that, for the various individual units that made up his department (about half of the company), worked to encourage, not artificially force, unity through quarterly birthday lunches and departmental breakfasts; arranged yearly holiday gatherings ranging from a fancy dinner to a daylong “Taste of…” event, where those in his department would leave the office for a full day of touring and eating at various restaurants in the local city and actually gave the impression he cared about his people.

He also did much simpler things including a yearly Final Four bracket contest where the most accurate bracket(s) would win a 10-dollar gift card to a local restaurant and the winning bracket(s) would win a 15-dollar gift card for the same local restaurant and a ‘guess the number of Jelly Beans’ to win the jar for yourself or your children. No one was forced to participate but everyone felt good about being a part of whatever he had going on at the time.

Truthfully, he was very creative in finding ways to get people involved, build relationships and teams without resorting to what I will always call cheesy team building.

Those teambuilding events such as “if you were a tree what type of tree would you be” or “there is a sticker with a name on you back, ask your co-workers any question other than ‘who am I’, about that name to find out the historical or famous literary character you are and then do a brief skit as them”.

I am sure almost all of us are familiar with those types of events, the ones where some people are actually enjoying it, but most would prefer a very different type of clear liquid in than glass or bottle than the water that fills it. Yet, like it or not, it is the type of event where everyone titters and jokes about the answers coworkers give and the impressions of the chosen tree people are forced to make or the famous historical person or literary character as who they had to act. Yet, again in my experience, these events have never truly build teams or bonded people as part of a team.

There is something to be said for embarrassing moments where everyone is making fun of themselves building commonality between people that can form a team, but those moments have to occur naturally and within the course of events, not artificially created where people remember the events and laugh but that is where the unity ends, at least in my experience, but I digress.

With all he did that was good, the CFO was still not without his faults, that much is certain. Yet the number of good things both small and large he helped bring about were invaluable toward gaining and maintaining far more trust and loyalty, if not to himself at least to the company, then these events could ever have cost either him or the company.

Yet, despite the obvious examples he gave of how it should be done, the moment he left things changed; gone where the quarterly birthdays, breakfasts and Final Four Brackets and no longer did units gather as a combined department for the holiday gatherings or get together for impromptu walks around the area at lunch.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, individual units might have an occasional holiday lunch or birthday cupcake purchased, or someone might have an afternoon holiday gathering at their house, but in the end, even those events are with far fewer people as there was less unity since no individual unit holds the power or resources to organize anything major or to bring units together that he held or his successors (yes, within three years it is successors, plural) held/hold.

If anything, his successors seem, intentionally to be doing the opposite and driving groups apart, silo-ing units, while claiming they are for unity and the breaking down of silos.

Without any guiding force to unify or bring the groups together, even for silly events like “guess the number of jelly beans”, gaps began to form between the units, work that was always there suddenly intervened and the impromptu walks even ceased.

While the people within different units remained friends, the units grew distance to the point they didn’t and still don’t, talk as much to each other and started to self-isolate, guarding their own territory jealously, even when that territory is shared on a project and communication should take place.

Granted, his departure cannot and should not be labeled as the sole cause for the lack of group unity or even for the initial subtle and now drastic shift of n office culture away from that of family to that of something else, but failure to follow his example in how to build and maintain a family culture and friendship between groups can, and in my opinion, must be unequivocally stated as a large part of the reason that now, there is little motivation, people leave almost as soon as they start and trust, loyalty and faith in the company and its new leadership is far less than that to which people give to ‘discount generic cereal brand x’.

If possible though, it is far worse than merely a of how to unify people leading to a loss of trust and loyalty in the leadership, it is a shift of power upwards, isolating itself at the top. In so doing the leadership is forgetting that like any pyramid the top is far less important than the base.

It quickly began apparent that since his departure and this shift of consolidating and isolating power at the top, this has gone from a place where people wanted to be, one where they spent time laughing and joking with a feeling of being part of a larger family, to one where people whisper in the shadows, where no one fully trusts others to the point conversations often cease if another person approaches, or a shadow moves, and it has become a place where people no longer fight for promotion but have become terrified to get a raise or promotion for fear it makes them a larger target for dismissal.

Just briefly on the history of the company’s leadership outside of the CFO… when I started, there was a woman who had been here for close to 15 years. She may or may not have been a good leader, I can’t say beyond that she always struck me more of an Aunt Bea than a Margret Thatcher, who let the CFO truly run things. That said, she was beloved, always seemed to appreciate and encourage the existing office culture, laughed and joked with staff and at least made it seem as if everything was done in the open and that she cared for the staff.

In direct contrast the new leadership does everything in a cloak and dagger fashion, they resort to Orwellian speak-think in the staff meetings, promising one thing and routinely delivering another while trying to spin that difference as people mishearing what was said originally  and since meetings are no longer recorded, it is impossible for anyone to go back and check the record. They state there is an open-door policy while openly saying they are creating a locked section to which people will need to be buzzed in to see them.

They stand in front of the staff and admit weakness, while adding their life coach is helping them work on being strong. They bring in consultants whose power trumps those of department heads who are actually supposed to be in charge. They show continual signs of being unprepared at speeches through dependency on notecards to the point they will stop their speech and sort through the notecards if they feel they are out of order and they seem uncomfortable with groups as they will make awkward jokes and leave obvious pauses for laughter that doesn’t come, pauses so awkward that if it were a cartoon there would be crickets, a tumbleweed and possibly a polite cough.

All of this is being done as they work as hard as they can, as if they were trying to copy and paste over text in a Word document, to replace the existing office culture with one that fits their ‘vision’, while ignoring or simply not caring about the impact this is having on staff.

Seeing this leadership, I, and those that will speak to me about this, look back in our own lives and remember both the former leadership here and leaders we knew in our life, teachers, coaches, tutors, people that always seemed strong and indomitable, people who never admitted weakness and, at least seemingly, never took actions that would lose them loyalty and trust without a good reason.

Again, contrast the leadership people remember and think fondly of to the current leadership where even if those in charge actually know what they are doing, the general feeling they have created by their own previous actions, is they have no clue beyond a belief that every single one of their actions must guide the company toward their new grand vision; a vision that is so specifically vague it verges on being vaguely specific. Again, is it any wonder loyalty now rests more heavily with a generic discount cereal brand then it does with them?

Okay, in complete fairness even this leadership realizes they are losing loyalty and trust faster than a FTL ship can make it from the Earth to Mars.

Yet, instead of asking themselves how to win back trust and loyalty, instead of asking, or perhaps caring, how it was so strong before they took power and what is costing them loyalty and trust now, three things are being done. The first thing they are doing is a step many leaders facing the same problem choose, replace as many people as possible as quickly as possible with new staff that doesn’t remember the old days and ways the company used to be run and therefore have no comparisons to make to the present and is less likely to challenge or question the current path.

The second thing is to create an atmosphere of so much fear that people are scared to speak outloud and more likely to follow the leadership, not because they believe in it, ut because until they can flee, they have no choice but to follow it, so long as they desire to even have a chance at staying with the company.

Thirdly is a direct promise from the new president/CEO, who has already broken more promises to staff than days are in year. He has sworn to staff that he has a secret plan to win back our trust and loyalty…a secret plan to do something… why does that have a vague historical ring to it, something about a secret plan to end a war…

Regardless, I am sure he will be implementing it at any time now since several months (six) have passed with no obvious signs of the plan being evident. Now, in fairness he has been busy globetrotting on the company’s dime for company business to locations that coincidently take him to places his family is on vacation.

At any rate s a result of all these changes, all that is going on, I certainly and based on how fast people are leaving anymore, so many others that have been here as little as three years, to turn to the wisdom of the mysterious people behind all the “it has been written” moments, and realize that it has been written that when something ceases to be enjoyable, it is time to move on, and perhaps that is true.

There are enough people that I know, knew, at work who are leaving at a quicker speed than ever before and even I have reached out, asking friends to keep their eyes open for me as the usual methods of online applications and job agencies are proving themselves as helpful and useful as four horseshoes on a Ford Mustang.

It is times like these when I look back to the good leaders, teachers and coaches that I knew, that I begin to wonder how, beyond having a major connection to this company’s largest donor, someone with seemingly no or poor delegation skills, no indication he is actually leading rather than letting others fill the vacuum and either taking credit or placing blame, ever became a leader and also wondering how widespread this is both in a business sense and in a global sense.

Well, as these thoughts fill my mind I am looking at my dozing feline family, and wondering if they too experience small vignettes, and compare the past to the present and think of how better things were when… or are they so living “the life of Riley” that nothing exists to trigger that type of vignettes. Though in fairness I must say they certainly aren’t taking to the spring bedcovers as quickly as they took to the winter ones, so maybe they are looking back and wondering what happened to those plush fluffy covers and how easily they sunk into them for a midday’s nap and to that extent missing those ‘good old days’.



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