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My Feline Family and Chirstmas

Another Christmas where my feline family has proven that whoever is the first to market and patent the idea of selling boxes shipped empty for the sole purpose of having something arrive with all sorts of interesting shipping scents, for cats to … Continue reading

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My Feline Family and Holiday Specials

Last night my feline family and I engaged in a holiday, Christmastime tradition, we watched a holiday movie, something that has been done this year since December 1st. The movie we watched is one that I think is still a … Continue reading

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My Feline Family and How the Original Star Wars Trilogy is Reflected in Other Series

My feline family recently heard me discuss a theory on how there are many book series of various lengths following  a “trilogy arc”can be tied to the original Star Wars trilogy pattern. Charcoal at least seemed to be listening as … Continue reading

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My Feline Family and Thanksgiving

My feline family has celebrated another Thanksgiving with me, which meant special treats of a can and a half each of completely organic SmartCat savory lamb recipe. I am truly curious if they ever start to associate certain food with … Continue reading

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