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Continuing Thoughts on the Job Search

I mentioned a lot has changed in my life and there are many reasons I’ve been away for a while. Some of it was medical, some was trying to job hunt and find something before things reached the critical stage … Continue reading

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My Feline Family and Fear

For my feline family and me, there were certain things that always felt safe. Oh I admit safety is an illusion, there is no true safety in the world and never has been since it began. That is increasingly obvious … Continue reading

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My Feline Family and Rapid Change

Major changes are seemingly being forced on me, my feline family and my non-furry family. They have the potential to be no change, insignificant change or major change. One change has a partially indefinite timeline as to occurrence and the other a completely unknown timeline. One … Continue reading

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My Feline Family, a moment of peace and continual chaos

After the storms that roared through my area two days ago, the temperature is way down. Walking into work from the parking lot, it felt more fall than nearly spring. I almost thought I felt the crispness of a September or October … Continue reading

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