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Continuing Thoughts on the Job Search

I mentioned a lot has changed in my life and there are many reasons I’ve been away for a while. Some of it was medical, some was trying to job hunt and find something before things reached the critical stage … Continue reading

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My Feline Family and Consistency

My feline family thrives on routine. Once they find something they like, it is something that must be done each day at about the same time. Of course, there are some exceptions to this since they are very understanding and … Continue reading

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Vignettes and Current Life

Watching my feline family and how they move from location to location seemingly at random, lead me to the random thought that life is but a series of small vignettes. Playing with friends, going to school for the first time, … Continue reading

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Constant Construction

Construction and its noise abounds, everywhere I turn right now there is something being built, rebuilt, changed, repaved, torn up, etc. I remember construction ongoing when I grew up and even around the University I attended as they added buildings … Continue reading

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Cashless Society

Listening to or reading the news is never enjoyable these days. There are stories which rightly garner much media attention and stories which perhaps wrongly become lost in the shuffle. Amongst those lost stories is one on a topic that … Continue reading

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My Feline Family and Thanksgiving

My feline family has celebrated another Thanksgiving with me, which meant special treats of a can and a half each of completely organic SmartCat savory lamb recipe. I am truly curious if they ever start to associate certain food with … Continue reading

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